Master of Ceremonies:

Scott McKinney
Scott Mckinney

Southern Sports Tonight

Geoff McBride

Recording Artist, Past Contestant on The Voice

Jennifer Harrison

Gulf Coast Premier Promotions

Shannon Ireland

Owner of 30A Songwriter Radio
& Shadow Media Group

Alexis O'Hara

Director Of Food & Beverage Sago Sports Bar & Grill
2013 finalists

Congratulations to Seventeen year old Brittany Weeks, from Niceville, FL - the Emerald Coast Sing Off 2013 - WINNER, with Head Judge, Geoff McBride. To capture the title Brittany stole the hearts, and the votes of the judges and the fans, when she sang an original song she wrote called "Beautiful Soul", and followed that up in the final round with "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble. And both songs were sang A Capella. Also, congratulations to 16 year old Jennifer Johnson for coming in second, Meghan Erlacher for winning third place, Jonny Shidemantle 4th and CJ Peake 5th. And congrats to all 14 finalists who competed against 200 awesome singers from three states that auditioned, and were chosen to advance to the elimination round of 35, and then sang again and were chosen to compete in the finals round of 14. Therefore, all 14 singers in the finals were multiple winners who had to put in many hours of hard work to get to the finals, - and they are all champions.

Doors Open at 4:00 pm, Event Starts At 5:00 pm
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$100 – VIP Reserved Table Seats with Free Food and Beverage
Reserved Table Seats $69 and $59 – General Admission Seats - $29
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Meet The Fourteen Awesome Finalists

2013 finalists

Doors Open at 3:00 pm, Event Starts At 4:00 pm
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2013 semifinalists

Sing Off Semifinalists who attended the singing position draw on February 23rd

2013 semifinalists

A few singers from out of town could not attend and do not appear in the picture

After six weeks of competition we have auditioned 200 fantastic singers and advanced 35 of the best singers in NW Florida to the Elimination Round on March 16th. If you were at the auditions as a singer or as a fan the past six weeks - you certainly know how tough the competition was this year. And I congratulate all singers who competed, because you were awesome. And I would put any of the 35 semifinalists up against any singers in any American Idol contest EVER. Last Saturday the judges put seven new singers in the next round, and congratulations go out to the final weeks winners who are - Jeff Marshall, Jonathan Shiedmantle, Traylin Gastone, Joseph Garrett, Gena Carter, Ashley Johnston and Anntasia Curtis. At the March 16th Elimination Round the judges and YOU - THE FANS - WILL VOTE to send ten of these awesome singers to the Finals on April 14th, to compete for over $15,000 in prizes, including a $5000 Recording Bundle Of Services from Emergent Recording Studios, and $2500 cash to the winner. And keep checking this website for a special announcement (coming soon) to see who the Celebrity MC will be on March 16th.

Photos from week 6

This past Saturday – February 16th another 32 singers auditioned in round five, and congratulations to Michele Green, Katrina Kirby, Quinn Crozier, Tony Anthony, and Landon Johnson for being chosen for the Elimination Round to be held on March 16th. So far we have auditioned 172 singers and advanced 28 to the Elimination Round. There are 17 female singers and 11 male singers advanced. And we are sure to hit the 200 mark next weekend. The talent level has been thru the roof, and I would put the singers in this event up against any singers in America. You guy and gals are awesome.

ATTENTION ALL SINGERS: THE SIXTH AND FINAL AUDITION WEEK IS NEXT SATURDAY – February 23rd. And remember we only have room TO AUDITION 40 SINGERS BETWEEN NOON AND 5 PM, and there are only five to seven slots remaining in the Elimination Round. So, I suggest you get there early. Doors open at 11:00 am, and singing starts at noon. SORRY but if you are 41st in line you will not get to audition this year.

Photos from week 5

Another fantastic group of singers auditioned yesterday in ROUND FOUR of the Emerald Coast Sing Off, - and our awesome judges – Trisha Chason, Terry Edwards, Mandy Hill and Anthony Shepard chose the five fantastic singers to advance to the Elimination Round. They are Sarah LaBombard, Meghan Erlacher, Walter Sams, Cara Leigh Siren and 16 year old Madison Baird who sang a capella, and was brave enough to audition first yesterday, and then she waited five hours for the results. Congratulations Madison, Walter, Sarah, Meghan, and Cara Leigh. So far 23 singers have been chosen for the Elimination Round to be held on March 16, 2013. There are 12 slots remaining and there are only two more weekly audition sessions – February 16th and February 23rd. WILL YOU BE NEXT TO ADVANCE?

Once again the competition was tremendous - and the judges had a difficult time choosing five singers to advance from the 39 that auditioned on Saturday, February 2nd. However, they made the hard choices and Congratulations go out to the Week Three Singers Advancing To The Elimination Round of the Emerald Coast Sing Off - They are - Laurie Kocher, Jovan Richie, Summer Murray, James Rodenberg and Jeff Mayfield. If you auditioned and did not make it this week - there are three more weeks of auditions - so please try again next week, because there are still 17 positions remaining in the elimination round. And if you have not auditioned yet please do not wait until the last week to audition because we can only audition 40 singers each week, and I expect the last week to be slammed. Would you like to win over $8000 in prizes and be named the 2013 Emerald Coast Sing Off Winner? If so, show up at the Sago Sports Bar and Grill at the Palms of Destin next Saturday and bring your A game. Well actually the singers who are already in the Elimination Round say - you had better bring your A + Game.

Photos from week 3

This week the competition was very strong again, and the AWESOME judges could not decide on five to seven singers so they advanced eight to the elimination round. Singers came from all over Northwest Florida to compete. The singers to advance to the elimination round were Lyndie Burris from Orange Park, Fl, Sondra Hunt from lake Butler, Fl, Amy Blizzard from Freeport, Robert Johnson from Freeport, Robert Stoudamire, Heidi Littlejohn and CJ Peake from FWB, and 17 year old Brittany Weeks from Niceville (who sang a capella). Congrats to all, and there are 22 positions remaining in the elimination round, so we hope to see many of you back next week (who were very close), as well as a new group of singers to compete for the remaining 22 elimination spots.

Photos from week 2

Wow, what an awesome opening weekend of auditions for the Sing Off. The judges (Anthony, Tim, Christie and Belinda) did a great job, and they had a very hard time deciding which five singers to send to the Elimination Round. However they made super choices, and I want to congratulate the first five weekly winners - 16 year old Jennifer Johnson, and one of last years finalists - Blake Williams, as well as Cambrie Stringfellow, Jonelle Bell and Hope Given for being chosen to advance to the Elimination Round. You girls and one guy were awesome. AND THIS SATURDAY, January 26th, Anthony Shepard will be back with three new, and highly qualified judges to send five more singers to the Elimination Round. So, if you auditioned last week and did not make it - GREAT NEWS - you get another chance this weekend. See you Saturday, and bring your A Game as you Dress For Success and sing a song that everyone knows. Good Luck.

Photos from week 1

  • Paradise Promotions presents - The Emerald Coast Sing Off - Clash For The Cash 2013. Sponsored by The Sago Sports Bar & Grill and The Palms of Destin Resort and Conference Center.

  • There will be six consecutive weeks of auditions on Saturday afternoons from noon to 5 pm, beginning Saturday, January 19th, at the Sago Sports Bar and Grill, Inside The Palms of Destin Resort at 4201 Indian Bayou Trail (across from Silver Shells Beach Resort) in Destin, FL.

  • Entry to view the auditions will be Free To The Public, and each week different judges will be on hand to select semifinalists to advance to the Elimination Round of thirty singers.

  • Only Judges will vote at the auditions to advance contestants to the Elimination Round.

  • Contestants may audition at all six preliminary auditions. There will be a $20 audition fee for the first audition, and a $10 fee for each audition thereafter.

  • CLICK HERE FOR RULES AND ENTRY FORMS. There will be no online contestant registrations.

  • Thirty-five singers have been advanced to the Semifinal Elimination Round which will be held on Saturday, March 16, 2013 from 4 pm to 9 pm inside the conference center at The Palms of Destin Resort.

  • At the Elimination Round there will be a $10 fee for general admission seats, and a $20 fee for reserved table seats, and a $25 fee for VIP seats. Be Advised - THIS MAY BE A SOLD OUT EVENT, but a limited number of seats will be available To purchase at the door the day of the event. For ticket information send an e-mail to, or contact one of the semifinalists for tickets.

  • The Fans and Judges Vote at the Elimination Round - so come early to get a seat and GET A VOTE!

  • From the Elimination Round 10 singers will be chosen for the finals to be held on Sunday, April 14, 2013 from 4 pm to 10 pm inside the Conference Center at the Palms of Destin Resort.

  • At the finals, Geoff McBride, International Recording Artist and Former Contestant on The Live Voice Show, will be the Head Celebrity Judge and Headline Entertainer - along with ten of the best singers in this area - all appearing live on the The Palms of Destin Resort and Conference Center Stage.

  • There will be over $15,000 in cash and prizes awarded at the finals, including a $5000 Recording Session from Emergent Recording Studio, plus $2500 cash to the winner. See Entry Form for prize details.

  • At the finals all visitors get to vote for their favorite singer, and THIS WILL BE A SELLOUT EVENT – SO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW - and make your vote count as we select the 2013 Emerald Coast Sing Off Winner. General admission seats (green seats) are $39 – Reserved Table Seats (blue seats) are $69, and VIP, Up Close Reserved Table Seats with free food and non-alcoholic beverages are $100. Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase from the Conference Center. TICKETS ON SALE NOW AT THESE LOCATIONS.

  • For questions or ticket information please send an email to
2012 finalists

We are proud to announce that The Resurrection Catholic Church Youth Group will be our volunteer helpers at the elimination round and the finals. They will assist with ticketing, ushering, food services and anything else we need. We are supporting this group to help them raise money to go to Rio De Janerio to see the Pope. And also to go on other religious trips. Thank you in advance for your donations to help make their trip a reality.

Featured Entertainment:

Geoff McBride

Recording Artist, past contestant on The Voice